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Challenging Debtor-Creditor Issues?

The legal system and legal problems can frustrate anyone, even people who are sophisticated in their own business affairs. This is especially true when financial distress hits…..yours, or someone else’s that affects you. At Weinstein Law Firm, we listen and ask first, so we can understand where you’re coming from and where you are. When we’re comfortable that you’re clear on that, together we then find the best, realistic solutions you need.

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David Weinstein has specialized in bankruptcy law and “working out” situations of financial distress for almost 40 years. Whether as an advocate for a client or as a mediator helping parties in conflict, he relies on candid communications – making a special point of avoiding jargon – because both clients and persons in mediation want to, and need to, actively participate in the process of solving their legal challenges. Mr. Weinstein’s broad experiences with people who come from differing perspectives enable him to bring to each new engagement comprehensive insights into how each persons’ rights affect the others’ rights. As an advocate, Mr. Weinstein brings to each case an intention to negotiate, supported by the ability to litigate. As a mediator, he brings to each case realistic perspectives flavored by legal expectations.